Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Dear Member

We cannot accept your site for the same reason we suspended your other site.  We do not accept any sites of this kind.  We realise that you are entitled to voice your opinion, but Storm Surf Traffic is not the place to do it.

Kindest Regards
Storm Surf Traffic
being stalked is NOT an OPINION, being SPAMMED is not an OPINION, being HARASSED is not an opinion and you people are IDIOTS,  don't bother deleting my account because I will delete it myself.  If YOU were being stalked, harassed and spammed you would be spreading that all over the internet as FACT, and would be more than insulted if someone called it your opinion.
Thanks for nothing, you suck and you are probably promoting pages for the stalker harasser and spammer
I did just delete my account.

So I am going to have a little fun with this tinhorn dictator and his 2 bit (and thats giving it way too much credit) traffic exchange right here on this very blog.

It is not my OPINION that Stephen Hauser has sent me 2 unsolicited commercial emails per day for the last 3 days.  It is a FACT which can be proven.

It is not my OPINION that Stephen Hauser attacked me at Facebook, spammed me at Facebook twice, and then permanently banned me from his Facebook group. These are FACTS which can be proven.

It is not my OPINION that Stephen Hauser illegally took my information from Facebook and is now spamming me at my Facebook related email address.  It is a FACT which can be proven.

It is not my OPINION that Stephen Hauser somehow got my Yahoo email address and is now spamming me at that address too.  It is a FACT which can be proven.

Now it IS my opinion that Storm Surf Traffic is probably running multiple pages for Stephen Hauser and doesn't want to upset the poor spammer, stalker, harasser as he's a (in his mind) big shot internet marketer.  He's probably got the owner of Storm Surf Traffic convinced that he's a big shot internet marketer too.

Well, true big shot internet marketers make it their business to NOT send unsolicited emails.  They go out of their way to protect themselves from accusations of spam.  They would not pull people's email addresses from Facebook for the sole reason of spamming, stalking, and harassing those people.

Stephen Hauser appears to be taking extreme glee in spamming me at email addresses which he obtained illegally, which makes him not a big shot internet marketer but just another bullying spammer, stalker, harasser, cyberstalker........creep.

And it is MY opinion that a tinhorn dictator at a 2-bit traffic exchange (and thats an insult to other 2-bit traffic exchanges) is condoning highly illegal behavior by calling the content of my pages OPINIONS. 

When something can be proven it is by definition not an opinion. 

Perhaps the tinhorn dictator should invest some money in a good dictionary and look up the words opinion(s) and fact(s). 

Then again as I said in my first post (regarding reading the first amendment to the United States Constitution) that presupposes they can read, and at this point even that supposition is highly suspect.

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