Monday, January 31, 2011

A new tactic from the Craigs List Spammers

hello, i noticêd your ådvertisemént ón craigslíst and so i wánted to tell you something. what i doon’t understand is – why do you wastê your time selling stuff? i m mâking not lèss thãn $6000 per mõnth working from the çomfort and easè of my house. i ventured înto thïs this past yeár, and i am currently doìng enöugh to take my family ön vacätion every few months. now there is ëven a news intèrnet site that makes çlear how you coould dó it too if you arë ïnterested. i âm sörry, i can t remember the exact url, but i guess yoú could get it when you góogle fôr "localworknews" 

I received 7 of these emails from various email addresses all saying pretty much the same thing.

And really if somebody is making so much money per month--and wanting to refer other suckers (oops I meant to say people) doing at this they would remember the exact url of the 'internet news site' especially since most of these work at home 'opportunities' rely on suckers being sucked in!

There really should be an intelligence test issued to all people before they are even allowed to turn on their computers much less access the internet!!

The best part is that they are violating Craigs List rules, namely this: it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Even More Craigs List Scammers

 to sale-bakqw-218.

** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

This is Wendy and Jason and we are very interested, we have been looking for quite some time, please let me know if the price is correct. This email blah blah blah was in your listing.
What makes this one a scam?  I received 22 emails with the exact same wording yet they were all from different names and different email addresses.

I replied to one of the 22 emails with this
Funny how you have an unlimited supply of email accounts and an unlimited supply of names too, but the same old tired bullcrap in every email. 

If you are REALLY interested in my stuff then feel free to reply and explain WHY you responded the way you did since I have TWENTY TWO emails from various email accounts using various names but the same old verbiage in EVERY email.

Otherwise stop spamming me
Before I sent the email, I noticed that the reply to address was not the email that the scammer originally sent from (

I haven't heard a word from Wendy and Jason although I did get a new batch of scamming/spamming emails from the Gattison family (21 emails in all).

Give it a rest you idiots.

Craigs List Music (Records) #2

Craigs List Music (Records) #1

Thursday, January 27, 2011

More Craigs List Scammers


Appreciate it for getting back with me.

Sorry about that, My email was,

I'm very intrigued in this but before I invest in it i would like to find out if its the exact one I'm hunting for. Because I can not afford another mistake. Just check out this footage here I published and let me know.

(edited because I am sure the link will infect the computer)

If its the identical one I will be there immediately to buy it.

Appreciate it. 

Mcguinness Hunsinger

Suellen Roley,

Yes, i'm highly interested and want to go pick it up from you but how do i know you're not a crook? Not to be rude but last week i got beat up and robbed from a man i met from sales section while buying chairs from him! I later discovered he was a criminal and I can't let it happen again. Actually, i ran your name on below background verification website and you seem risky. If you don't believe me, run your name yourself and see. My name comes up clean but does yours? We can discuss business after you verify you're legit and safe to meet! 

edited (another bad link I am sure)

Garvis Hunsinger

 to me

Hiya, I have seen your clist posting and liked what I saw. I really want it! Would you like to trade? I used to sell new well-known electronics but had to close down my shop due to family problems. I am relocating shortly so I have to get them gone asap. Following items are up for trades and you can select any 2: iPad, Play Station 3, camcorders, etc. Since there are a lot of bots, I uploaded pix of them on the following webpage:

edited (another bad link I am sure)

It doesn't cost anything to signup so come check them out. Whatever you see on the main page is whatever I have listed for swapping. Here's the critical part - don't forget to click on "bid now" button below the items you like so you can reserve it and importantly, so I'll know you are a real person and undeniably interested. I think it costs like $0.01 to place a bid to forbid scammers. Please don't respond back if you can't even do this, especially since I will be losing a lot of money. All of these items were quite expensive as you know. Does this sound ok? If your item is already sold, do you have anything else we can trade? My bad for this long email. After you place the bid, you will be able to access my personal info. so call me! Let's trade! 
The first one -- you get an email that sounds legit from another person altogether using another email address altogether.  When you respond to them you get the horse manure from a second person using a different email address that is generally incomplete (sorry about that my email was.......your email was what?).  They are sure to tell you about a link or a video you should watch.

And no matter what time the email is sent, they say they will be over immediately to purchase if what you have is what they supposedly want.

I think these are "fishing" emails and the sites you are sent to probably steal your details(and/or infect your computer with malware/spyware) if you are dumb enough to click the links.

The second one--he's a flat out scammer as well as a spammer (and probably an email harvester) because that email came direct to my gmail address.

Why does this 'direct to my email address' make him a spammer and an email harvester?

All my Craigs List postings are anonymized which means that the responses are re-mailed to me from Craigs List (for example, one legitimate email said this "this message was remailed to you via:" or similar--have edited so i don't get spammed just from posting here)
The scammer part comes in that I know what any background check would say about me, and it would NOT be anything to warrant a potential buyer not coming over to look or buy.

What seems risky to ME is clicking on a link sent by a spammer, scammer, and email harvester.

The third one--Hunsinger is a pretty unusual last name and to get two emails from the same last name in an hour is rather odd.

What's even more odd is that my listing was for $15.00 (22K gold creamer) -- no way is that worth ipads, PS3, or camcorders (not just one but two) unless of course the items (if they even exist) are stolen.

There are tipoffs as to whether you are dealing with a scammer or a legitimate potential buyer.

1) Scammers often send emails that make no sense; for example I have one where the entire content of the email is overcome Radha lost. I have 4 emails where there is not only nonsense in the body of the email but the last name is the same on them (another 9 from a different last name)

2) Unusual names are a tipoff for me that I am dealing with a potential scammer.

For example, Scheunemann Parmer is one of the names from the 9 mentioned in number 1 above.

2) A legitimate buyer will not ask you to click a link, watch a video, etc. Those people that do are trying to infect your computer with spyware or steal your details when you click the link

3) If you are selling an item such as watches and they refer to jewelry, the chances are high that you are dealing with a scammer. They are not looking at your actual post and probably are assuming that anything in the jewelry category is jewelry (not watches, not a jewelry box)

4) If they ask you for pictures of the item(s) and you included pictures in your posting(s) that is another red flag that you may be dealing with a scammer.

5) If they want to trade and your item is not worth what they are offering, either their items don't exist or they are stolen.

6) If they want to pay by bank check and are sending a 'mover' to pick up the items, run away as fast as you can.

The check will be bad and your bank will probably hold YOU responsible for the funds (in my case I would have been on the hook for $175.00). Not only that, the mover and the scammer will have your phone number and physical address.

And the mover will NOT be the scammer, the scammer won't show his face--and probably didn't give you his real name to start with--and the mover will say he was just hired to do a job!

If it is too good to be true it probably is.  If it smells fishy (suspicious) it probably is. I ran the scammer in the post above through google and found info on him here