Monday, January 31, 2011

A new tactic from the Craigs List Spammers

hello, i noticêd your ådvertisemént ón craigslíst and so i wánted to tell you something. what i doon’t understand is – why do you wastê your time selling stuff? i m mâking not lèss thãn $6000 per mõnth working from the çomfort and easè of my house. i ventured înto thïs this past yeár, and i am currently doìng enöugh to take my family ön vacätion every few months. now there is ëven a news intèrnet site that makes çlear how you coould dó it too if you arë ïnterested. i âm sörry, i can t remember the exact url, but i guess yoú could get it when you góogle fôr "localworknews" 

I received 7 of these emails from various email addresses all saying pretty much the same thing.

And really if somebody is making so much money per month--and wanting to refer other suckers (oops I meant to say people) doing at this they would remember the exact url of the 'internet news site' especially since most of these work at home 'opportunities' rely on suckers being sucked in!

There really should be an intelligence test issued to all people before they are even allowed to turn on their computers much less access the internet!!

The best part is that they are violating Craigs List rules, namely this: it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests.

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