Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Office Max is Driving Me Clean Around the Bend!!

First off I am forced to use Firefox to access their careers page, because when I use Chrome I get a forced logon popup and since I don't have any logon credentials to get past that popup it stops me dead in my tracks.

So I open up Firefox and go to Office Max site, click on careers, fill out their search form.  No matter how few or how many search fields I fill each time I try to search jobs I get "unfortunately this function is not available; please try again later."

So I give up for a bit.  Now I am finally allowed to look at the job, but their popup windows (one for the job description and another for registering which I have to do BEFORE I can apply) are both blank, as blank as George W. Bush's mind!!

I try again to access the registration form and  Firefox proceeds to crash. What is most frustrating is that I was referred to the job from the Oregon Employment Department and I only have 48 hours (from yesterday at around 12:30 pm) to apply for the job.

The employment department can't DO anything to me for not meeting that deadline since my unemployment benefits expired in April 2010--but I am sure I am not the only person that is having fun with Office Max's lousy website and some of those people might be still getting unemployment benefits.

The Oregon Employment Department will cut off unemployment benefits in a heartbeat or a New York minute if you are receiving benefits and fail to respond to a referral within 48 hours, and they don't give a rat's ass about the reason why!

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