Monday, February 21, 2011

I Am Very Angry...........

Back in January I sold a few pieces of glassware on Craigs List to someone.

After the actual sale this person emailed me offering to buy me food or to pay someone to clean my house.

He said he was a Christian and "felt called to help me."

I said no to the food but said yes to the housecleaning--which has not happened.  I doubt that it will either.

I guess he also felt 'called' to call Senior and Disabled Services about me.

He thought he was being smart I guess by calling anonymously, but given the fact that my friends, family, and the people I know in the mobile home park I live in would not do this.............I know who did it.

A man from the Adult Protective Service department of Seniors and People with Disabilities showed up at my door with no warning.

I am neither senior nor disabled, but for me that is not the point.

The point is that this person had no right to assume anything about my life and he had no right whatsoever to call anyone about how I may or may not be living.

My feeling is that this man assumed that I am a hoarder (in my opinion all the television programs about hoarding are making it very difficult for those of us who are just slobs).

I grew up in a house that was clean only when my grandmother came to visit. Both sets of grandparents, my father, and my stepmother were packrats. I am an only child, and an only grandchild on one side, so I inherited a lot of stuff.

Then there's the fact that in the last six years I have had more losses in my life than I care to think about.

In October 2005 I lost my car, my apartment, and my job within a week of each other.

In November 2005 I lost my uncle.

In December 2005 I lost my grandmother and a cousin that I was very close to.

In November 2006 I lost my 12 year old cat

In December 2007 I lost my father. I lived with him -- I found him dead on his bed -- I had to deal with almost all of the aspects of his death by myself.

In January 2008 I lost another cousin who was also my godmother.  I didn't find out about her death until November 2008

People who haven't lost family members probably think that grief is a short-term thing that you just "get over" in a real short time........thats so much bullshit!!

I still miss my stepmother-who I wasn't even that close to--and she's been gone 8 years.

I live in the same house that my father and I shared for 2 years before his death.

Many of the things I have been trying to sell belonged to my maternal grandmother, stepmother, father, and paternal grandparents.

In addition, I was in the hospital for 3 days last summer.  I had told mr-interfere-in-my-life that I had been in the hospital but I didn't tell him why.

I had pulmonary emboli (blood clots in my lungs) and was damn lucky to be alive.

Cleaning was pretty much NOT on the priority list for 2-3 months after I got out of the hospital, and that is MY business not his.

I cannot believe the nerve of this man, I won't even call him an acquaintance.

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