Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Roboform: If You Use Version 7, Beware

Today I kept getting this popup that my trial version had expired.

Trial version, my arse!!  I paid in full for not one but TWO downloads of Roboform, since they wouldn't let me run the full version on 3 computer (2 desktops and 1 laptop).  I now have one working computer since the laptop died over a year ago and I had to cannibalize one of the desktops for a monitor after my big 22" monitor went south for the winter.

I went to their site and retrieved my information.  Lo and behold, I have a Version 6 license and Version 7 doesn't accept the information.  Did I deliberately install Version 7?  Did I even know what version I was using? NO and NO!

When Roboform tells me a new version is available I download and install it.  If Siber Systems wished for their customers to pay for Version 7 perhaps they shouldn't have released it as an upgrade.  It stinks IMO that they are forcing sales by confusing their users.

I actually think that when I installed the adapter for Google Chrome (since Firefox has become so unstable for me) that Siber Systems automatically installed Version 7 on my computer and then tried to buffalo me into paying for their screwup!

So don't be surprised if you use Version 7 and get a popup that your 'trial period' has ended (you know, that trial period that wasn't even mentioned until the popup started happening)


Shawn said...

Same thing happened to me! Jerks! I just went to lastpass and it configures on all my computers across all browsers. Remembered passwords and asked if I wanted the program to remember them.

Robert said...

Siber/Roboform's support has completely broken down. They take messages and never ever call back. Extensions don't work any longer. It is abominable that this is allowed to happen with a program that we by its very nature have to rely on for our security. Has everybody sined up for the Roboform Everywhere version? In light of the present comatose condition of Siber/Roboform, it looks like a threatening security risk to have a cloud based password system.

Anonymous said...

I too have found this approach to marketing/sales by Silber Systems to be offensive. This sneaky, greedy approach to sales has turned me off and I am switching to LastPass.