Friday, June 25, 2010

Winster Problems

So what is up with Winster? Have they stopped supporting Firefox or what? 

The first time I tried to login I finally get logged in, 'your game will start in 30 seconds' when it finally loads I cannot spin for love nor money.  And I have 350 spins to use today.

So I closed the window and clicked a few email links--went back to Winster.  Now Slot Social won't even load at all.

Finally after a 3rd try I'm being allowed to spin.  Let's see how long that lasts

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Price Just Lowered on Amazon Kindle

Have you always wanted an Amazon Kindle, but didn't want to spend $259.00 on one?

Well, Amazon has now lowered the price to $189.00--that's a saving of $70.00 on Amazon's best selling product

With this exciting new low price, summer reading just got a lot more fun!

Kindle is the 3G wireless reading device that allows you to think of a book and start reading it in 60 seconds.

Easy to read even in bright sunlight, the 10.2 ounce Kindle is light enough for one-handed reading.

Even though it's a 3G wireless device, Kindle has no monthly fees or annual contracts.

The Kindle Store now has over 600,000 books and the largest selection of the most popular books people want to read. 

New York Times Bestsellers and New Releases start as low as $9.99 per download

Go here and check it out!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I have a lot of it left after the yard sale, and I don't think my prices were out of line for what I had. I researched what the pieces I had were selling for online and I priced my pieces for the collector not the dealer (cutting out the middleman).

I think that most people are looking for a bargain at a yard sale and I would probably do better to list my glassware online (Craigs List, Facebook, Ebay Classifieds, this blog and my other blog too).

I've been told by a lot of dealers in the area that the market has fallen out on glassware, but that doesn't mean there aren't collectors looking for that certain piece they just have to buy.  Also, by posting the stuff online I can appeal to a wider audience than just Bend, Oregon.

One problem I can see though is that I cannot find the cord for my digital camera so I will have to replace that if I want to provide pictures of what I have.

A partial listing sans pictures:

Fenton bowl (marked) from the 1970's with looped handles and square footed base, blue, no damage
Small Fenton amber hobnail creamer, no damage
Small Fenton amber hobnail toothpick holder, no damage
Carnival glass berry set (unmarked) --one large bowl, four small bowls, orange iridescent, no damage
Moss Rose China--four dinner plates, four salad plates, four dessert plates, no damage
Moss Rose sugar bowl no damage
Candlewick clear glass creamer and sugar set, no damage
Candlewick large serving piece, no damage
Homer Laughlin Hudson covered serving dish, gold trim, no damage
Diane China -- service for twelve with serving pieces, no damage
Eggshell Nautilus China -- service for 12 with serving pieces, no damage

With Friends Like Her.......

Who needs enemies?

My first mistake was emailing a friend after my mother had the idea to come live with me. 

After a few insulting comments (including 'do you have any DECENT furniture?") and flat out lies from my mother, I'd told her (my mother) that I'd rather live in my truck with both of the cats than with her.

I told my friend *in general* about this exchange with my mother and was accused by my friend of creating the situation with my 'quick and angry responses."

*in general* I said my mother had made insulting comments, I didn't quote the actual 'decent furniture' line.

I emailed my friend back and asked her if she thought 'do you have any DECENT furniture?" would create a positive response from anyone?

I also mentioned that my mother has belittled, insulted, and demeaned me for literally years now--even though my friend already knew this--and that the 'quick and angry' response might not have happened had this been a one-off situation.

In her next reply, she drags in my non-PTR blog which has nothing to do with anything and mentions that its very negative in tone. 

This is coming from a woman who sees fit to make personal comments about 'needy acquaintances' at HER blog (yes, I assumed that she was referring to me, I took it personally, and have chosen to never read at her blog again).

In my opinion, whether her comment was referring to me or not, anyone who makes personal comments about 'needy acquaintances' at HER blog really has no room to be discussing the tone or posting style of another person's blog.

And if she thinks I am going to make up happy happy joy joy lies lies here or at the other blog simply because she criticizes me for being 'negative' --- she's dreaming. 

The blogs keep me from going nuts, as when crazy things happen I use them as blog fodder. 

When positive things start happening, I'll post them too but I am not going to fabricate positive things just to keep a friend happy.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who Has Paid Me in June 2010 *updated*

Harris Interactive: $75.00 gift card for Papa John's Pizza
Old Amsterdam Post: $1.89
Clix Sense: $30.55
Butterflies N Roses: $9.00
Precious Poms PTR: $8.00
Speed Earner: $6.15
Cashin Clicks: $4.69
Midnight Clicking: $3.73
You've Got Ads: $3.00

Total:  $142.01 *as of June 22, 2010*

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ain't That The TRUTH!!

Hi Suellen! Here is your Daily AstroSlam for Monday, June 14
While your friends have been hoping that you'll learn to keep your mouth shut, they admit that if you do, they'll miss the reliable entertainment of watching you choke on your foot.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yard Sale Report

Friday was insanely crazy and I made nearly $500.00 at the yard sale.  I grabbed my sandwich and coca-cola out of the refrigerator at 12:30 pm -- and I didn't finish my sandwich until 5:15 pm.

Nearly all of the costume jewelry (rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets) went to a lady who uses it to make new jewelry and also uses it in scrapbooking. She came back twice :)

The vintage Trifari rhinestone bracelet went for $50.00 as did the Nintendo DS Lite (with 2 games and a gaming kit).  The full set of silverplate silverware (plus individual serving pieces) went for around $23.00

There were a lot of individual sales of little things like saucers, teacups, salt/pepper shaker sets, Christmas decorations, yarn, and what little costume jewelry was left.

The hand tools, tool bags, and tool boxes just FLEW out of the sale. $1.50 each or four for $5.00, people pay a lot more than that at Ace Hardware or Home Depot

I made the mistake of setting up in two places, carport and front porch. There was next to no action on the front porch which was where all the vintage/collectible/antique glassware was.

Saturday was a different story. It was very very slow all day, and I spent more time in the house (on the computer) than I did in the carport (early Saturday morning I had moved the contents of the front porch into the carport too).

Even with Saturday being so slow, I made another $150.00 between several small sales (8 cans of cat food, teacups, saucers, salt/pepper shaker sets, jewelry boxes, coasters, decorative figurines, Christmas decorations, pocket knives, wierd World War II memorabilia, shot glasses) and two large sales (rolling tool box with 5 drawers and 14 vintage china bone dishes)

I had some real nice conversations with people too about their collections and other topics as well.

I guess Bend, Oregon has a LOT of drivers who either have x-ray vision or use binoculars as there were a lot of drive-bys on Saturday. How can you tell what I have if you don't even get out of your car?  There were a lot of lookie loos too.

There was also one lady who I don't think quite understands the yard sale concept.

She came looking for two specific things (a large picture frame and a large nativity set).  She acted like either  the sale was a retail store with unlimited inventory or that I had what she wanted in the house and could just go retrieve it for her.  Nope, everything that was for sale was in the carport or on the driveway already.

And some people--all men--confused being rude or insulting me with haggling.  There's an art to haggling or bargaining, and being rude or insulting the seller isn't part of that art (but that's for another blog post)

In the end, I made quite a bit of money and met a few of my neighbors.....not bad for 2 weeks worth of getting ready and one really crazy day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

This is True Every Day of the Freaking YEAR!! ROFLMAO

Hi Suellen! Here is your Daily Home & Garden Horoscope for Monday, June 7
Be sensible as you move through your day; otherwise you could be a menace to yourself. Relocate the radio away from the pool, and don't set your glass on the edge of the fridge. You could absentmindedly stumble into accidents if you're not careful.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Who Has Paid Me in June 2010

Precious Poms PTR: $8.00
Butterflies N Roses: $9.00
Clix Sense: $30.55

Total for June 2010: $47.55 (as of June 13, 2010)

Fenton Glass, Brass Candlesticks, and Pink Stickers

No I haven't lost the plot. LOL.

I've been spending the last week going through stuff in my house and carport in preparation for a yard sale this coming weekend.

I'd like to know what possessed my mother and grandmother to mark boxes 'antique glass' when the boxes didn't even contain collectible or vintage glass much less antique glass. 

After about the 5th box that was marked 'antique glass' but held none, I threatened to buy a gun and shoot the next box that was marked 'antique glass' (plus contents) to smithereens.

On the bright side, in the last 2 weeks or so I've found several highly collectible items.

Some went to antique dealers here in town (Fenton glass miniature shoes, drawings of local landmarks, a whiskey flask, glass advertising slides, a large Roseville vase, 2 small Hill Art vases, a monogrammed Ronson King cigarette case/lighter, a small pitcher, and a ceramic teapot just to mention a few).

Some are going in my yard sale (a set of 4 vintage Jadite egg cups, a vintage Kodak camera. a Shirley Temple Cobalt Blue creamer, a Yellowstone/Little America souvenir plate, a Fenton glass bowl from the 1970's, a Fenton hobnail glass creamer, a Fenton hobnail glass toothpick holder, and 6 Nasco China bone dishes--again just to mention a few)

Then there's all the miscellaneous stuff:

Brass candlesticks, glass candlesticks, costume jewelry, coffee makers, an upright freezer, a folding wooden dining table, yarn, sewing supplies, blank cds, VHS movies, dvds, never used Nintendo DS Lite with 2 brand new games and a brand new gaming kit, glass votives of every kind, jewelry boxes, glass pitchers, glass cake stands, watches, neckties, mens' t-shirts, picture frames, pens/pencils/markers, playing cards, tools, tool boxes (rolling,  truck size, and small), a watering can, shotglasses from Washington DC, Orlando, and Canada, key chains, belt buckles, a photo frame, sewing thread, crochet hooks, silverplate bell, creamer, sugar bowl, and silverware, small glass boxes, software....

I could go on for days but I have to get back to sticking hot pink price stickers on everything in the house. ROFLMAO!!

A Quick Update

St Cash Unlimited was sold to Heather of My PTR, Dream Mails, and Old Amsterdam Post.

Galaxy Mails was sold to Reatte of Kitten Mails.

Howlin Mad Cash was sold to John & Jagruti of Elephant Advertising, Easy PTR, and Fast PTR.

Cathouse Mails was sold to Nitin of X Mails.

For a lot of you this is old news, but I got a comment today on my original post about the sites being for sale and realized that I'd never updated the post with news of the sales.