Wednesday, June 23, 2010

With Friends Like Her.......

Who needs enemies?

My first mistake was emailing a friend after my mother had the idea to come live with me. 

After a few insulting comments (including 'do you have any DECENT furniture?") and flat out lies from my mother, I'd told her (my mother) that I'd rather live in my truck with both of the cats than with her.

I told my friend *in general* about this exchange with my mother and was accused by my friend of creating the situation with my 'quick and angry responses."

*in general* I said my mother had made insulting comments, I didn't quote the actual 'decent furniture' line.

I emailed my friend back and asked her if she thought 'do you have any DECENT furniture?" would create a positive response from anyone?

I also mentioned that my mother has belittled, insulted, and demeaned me for literally years now--even though my friend already knew this--and that the 'quick and angry' response might not have happened had this been a one-off situation.

In her next reply, she drags in my non-PTR blog which has nothing to do with anything and mentions that its very negative in tone. 

This is coming from a woman who sees fit to make personal comments about 'needy acquaintances' at HER blog (yes, I assumed that she was referring to me, I took it personally, and have chosen to never read at her blog again).

In my opinion, whether her comment was referring to me or not, anyone who makes personal comments about 'needy acquaintances' at HER blog really has no room to be discussing the tone or posting style of another person's blog.

And if she thinks I am going to make up happy happy joy joy lies lies here or at the other blog simply because she criticizes me for being 'negative' --- she's dreaming. 

The blogs keep me from going nuts, as when crazy things happen I use them as blog fodder. 

When positive things start happening, I'll post them too but I am not going to fabricate positive things just to keep a friend happy.

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