Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stephen Hauser Revisited

Well, I guess dear Stephen didn't get his fill of spamming me at my registered Facebook address.

This morning I received some nice tasty (NOT) spam from him at another email address, inviting me to join some other site and look at his pictures.

I've also discovered that he's spamming me at the registered Facebook address using his MartinezShopper alias.

Here's the deal.

I reported him to Facebook for spam back on March 30, 2010 after I asked him to stop sending me messages and he continued to do so (see the post "Stephen Hauser, Facebook, and Me" on this very blog)

In retaliation, he banned me from his group, and abused me one last time via Facebook.

Now he's got the stone balls to 1) contact me at another email address (Yahoo) that is NOT registerered with Facebook and 2) contact me using another Facebook alias at the registered Facebook email address

My first question is how did he even get that Yahoo email address to start with.......

Can we say stalking, boys and girls?

And if he didn't like being reported to Facebook for spam, I'll just bet he'll flat out hate being reported to Facebook for stalking.

I did report the email as spam to Yahoo, for all the good that will do.

What I find totally ludicrous is I have a block on my gmail account to treat all Facebook messages as spam solely because of this jackass's behavior 3 1/2 weeks ago, so what does he do? He sends a message via an email address that is not registered with Facebook.

ETA: 2 more emails, one to gmail and one to Yahoo, both spamming me to join Flixster. He's going to find a real nasty surprise all over the internet real soon too

Maybe if Facebook bans him and his worthless group, he will get the message that spamming, stalking, and harassment are NOT good things to do to other people.

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