Monday, April 26, 2010

Controversial? You Ain't Seen NOTHING Yet!!

Dear Member

We cannot approve your blogspot site as the content is just too controversial and expresses an opinion which could cause us problems.

You are welcome to submit another site for approval.

Kindest Regards
Storm Surf Traffic
Let me tell you what I think is 'controversial' about this knee-jerk and in my opinion intelligence challenged decision.

Lets start with the fact that this traffic exchange is deliberately denying me my first amendment right to free speech because of THEIR opinion.......I guess they think are entitled to have an opinion but I am not.

Perhaps they should read the first amendment to the United States Constitution before telling someone that their opinion is 'just too controversial'.  Then again, that presupposes that they can read in the first place.

And I guess this traffic exchange owner thinks that someone who is being repeatedly stalked and harassed should just shut up and take it.

It's just way too 'controversial' to say stop stalking me.

It's just too 'controversial' to say I reported you to Facebook for stalking me (in addition to reporting you for spamming me twice back in March).

 If someone was stalking and harassing THEM........I'll bet you dollars to doughnuts that they would NOT just 'shut up and take it.'

I bet you they would report it to everyone they possibly could, have a big notice splashed across their front page, and have splash pages running at every traffic exchange they own or belong to.

And they wouldn't think that was even a tiny bit 'controversial'

At least Tip Top Traffic banned blogspot in its entirety because of virus reports, not because of the owner's idea that opinions are controversial and 'might cause them problems'.

Thom is professional and doesn't treat his members like idiots, which is why HE isn't getting blasted all to heck on this blog for banning the domain in its entirety.

Intelligence challenged traffic exchange owners give me a pain where a pill won't reach, and that's no lie!

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