Monday, March 29, 2010

Mind Reading

Mind reading is not a skill that I possess.  If it were, I'd be in the casinos making a killing--and quite possibly a living--playing blackjack or poker, not being an admin at 4 PTR sites.

This intelligence-challenged and rude person contacted me because his ptp was suspended because once again he pays no attention to the banned list and/or additions to it even though these are announced 7-10 days in advance.

I notified him via a personal admin message that his ptp was suspended and why it was suspended.  Most program owners and admins wouldn't have bothered, and I certainly won't ever notify this person again of anything.  

He submits a support ticket and tells me he has contacted the PO of the banned site to get his ad changed or stopped and asks me if unsuspension is 'automatic.' I tell him no its done manually and that he will need to tell me when the other PO has dealt with his ad.

At no time does he tell me that the ad has been changed nor does he ask for unsuspension of his ptp.

Two days later I received a snippy second support ticket blaming ME for his loss of income for 2 days and saying that the other PO had stopped his ad 'TWO DAYS AGO'. 

He demanded that I unsuspend his ptp, which I did.  I also linked him to the other support ticket and asked when he told me that the ad had been stopped. 

He went off on how he sent me a support ticket asking me to unsuspend him two days ago.

I guess he sees what he wants to see, because there was NO request in the first ticket for unsuspension and he never replied to that ticket telling me -- as I had asked -- that the other PO had stopped his ad.

If his ptp gets suspended again I will let it sit suspended until he and his ptp actually ROT.

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