Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hiding Important Terms is Misleading

So I joined yet another PTC site (yes I would say that I am indeed addicted to PTC sites).

I always check the terms to see if they pay members who don't upgrade. I generally do NOT join sites that require upgrades in order to be paid

But this latest one had a new twist; they HIDE the fact that you must be upgraded in a second terms/faq/help section of the site. It is not mentioned on the front/home page nor on the normal terms page front page of the site -- I don't see anything about having to be upgraded to get paid  not a word there about having to be upgraded to get paid  is there?

Most people if they read the terms at all skim quickly to see if their country is allowed and if they have to be upgraded to be paid.  Who would think to scroll to the bottom of the terms to see this:

And the fact that you have to be upgraded to receive payments is halfway down the page on that last link above.

In fact, I didn't know that I had to be upgraded to receive any payouts until I received an email from the site that mentioned both the second set of terms and the fact that members must be upgraded to receive payouts.

The cheapest membership is 24.40 per year or 2.40 per month.

At this time there are 19 links to click per day for free members.  There are 22 links for upgraded members.

For informational purposes, I have clicked 32 links and delivered 214 hits to the ptp link for the site.

I have a balance of  .06514 (slightly over 6 1/2 cents). PTP hits account for .00214 of the total (less than 1/2 of a  cent). So I have clicked 32 links for a total of 0.063 (slightly over 6 cents). Doing the math (0.063 divided by 32 clicks) leaves me earning 0.00196875 per click.

So just for the sake of argument lets say that I spend the $24.40 for the upgrade and get an extra 3 clicks per day at 0.00196875 each.  22 clicks per day at 0.00196875 each is equal to .0433125 per day from clicking. I would need to click every day for 563 days (and my upgrade would expire 198 days before I broke even requiring another 6 months upgrade--another $15.33).

I hear you saying the ptp, the ptp. Oh yeah....1 cent per 1000 hits (must be 24 hour unique too, so buying 1000 hits at numerous sites means numerous invalids, usually you will get between 500-750 valid hits out of each 1000--unless you buy from only one site and hope they can deliver a huge amount of hits before your upgrade expires).

You can't buy hits cheap enough to make a profit even if you buy from other PTC sites (generally have cheaper hits than PTR sites or traffic exchanges).

I have joined about 30-40 PTC sites recently, been paid by one (twice in fact), and find reasons to stay at those where I haven't reached payout (signup bonuses, inexpensive advertising, points to use for ads, etc).  Those reasons don't apply at this site as I can't even earn enough to redeem for advertising.

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