Wednesday, December 22, 2010

More Adventures in Job Hunting GRRRRRRRR!!

So I was all excited about this interview for an administrative support team associate with Macy's since I worked for them before in Sales Support.

I also have human resources experience, payroll experience, accounting experience, and administrative experience--not to mention the 4 year degree in accounting and the second degree (2 year)  in hotel/restaurant management.

Now I checked their site every single day from December 16, 2010  (when I submitted my application for the position) to December 21, 2010 (yesterday) to see if openings were available for interviews.

There were no openings for interviews until yesterday (December 21, 2010).  I scheduled my interview for the ONLY slot available which was 10:30 am on January 5, 2010.

I received a confirmation of the time and date for the interview at 5:20 am December 22, 2010.

Less than 40 minutes later (at 5:54 and 5:55 pm on December 22, 2010) I received 2 emails from Macy's and Taleo (their hiring firm).

The email from Macy's which was sent to my gmail email address is copied and pasted below.

Dear  Suellen
Thank you for your interest in employment with Macy's, and for taking the time to submit your application for the position of Macy's Bend River, Bend, OR: Administrative Support Team Associate, Part Time.
We regret that we must cancel your scheduled interview with us.  We filled all available positions much faster than we anticipated.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Please be assured that we value your interest in Macy's.  We will retain your information in our candidate database, and may contact you should an appropriate opportunity become available.
We wish you much luck in your future endeavors, and encourage you to periodically visit edited.
Human Resources
Then almost at the same time I received the email from Taleo, which is copied and pasted below. This email was received at my Yahoo email address which is the email address I used for Taleo, while the gmail address is the one I use for Snag a Job (I applied for the Macy's job originally through Snag a Job).

 Dear Suellen,
Your request to cancel the following interview appointment has been completed:
Macy's Bend River Mall: Bend

Date: Wednesday, January 5, 2011
Time: 10:30:00 AM PST

We're sorry that you decided not to complete this interview with us, but hope that you will revisit edited in the future to view opportunities for employment with Macy's, Inc.
Best Regards,

Human Resources

I am very frustrated not only with not being interviewed but with the total foul-up in communication. I did NOT cancel the interview, Macy's did.

I would go play on the freeway except for the fact that the nearest freeway is 130 miles away one way (and given my luck I would just hurt myself anyway!!)

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