Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Latest Dramas LOL

Now I take some responsibility for the mess with the PayPal debit card.  I will never again hand off my grocery bags to someone else without emptying them out completely.

However, whatever my personal responsibility for this mess is or isn't, I feel that the the Safeway employee should be fired at the very least.

I would be even happier if she could be charged with attempted identity theft and attempted debit card fraud. Attempted identity theft and attempted fraud when you are in a position of handling money all day long every day long should be a reason for termination from ANY job.

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Martha said...

How frustrating!

About a week after returning from a cruise, we got a call from our credit card company. Someone up in Chicago had charged about $1,200 on our card. We cancelled the card, and the bogus charges were removed a few days later. So, all we had to do was to change our automatic charges like Paypal and Netflix.

I'd bought some Vanilla in Cozumel with the card. These days, I pay those types of expenses with cash.