Saturday, June 4, 2011

Don't Blame Your Customers

..........Especially when it was your screwup in the first place

Everybody at Advanced Specialty Care -- from the doctor clear down to the appointment schedulers -- decided to blame me for every problem with the scheduling of the procedure.  They chose to blame me for both of the reschedules.  Then after rescheduling this procedure twice (once after I'd already done a full bowel prep) the doctor has the nerve to state that the 'bowel prep was inadequate.'

If I screwed up on something over and over again for weeks on end, I would not run around trying to make it the fault of my patient.  Then again, these people are all invested in "I am a doctor" or "I work for a doctor" and in their minds that means they are perfect.

I will never do business with Advanced Specialty Care again.

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