Saturday, August 27, 2011

Some Other PTC Sites

Monster Clickin:
slow earner. scary design, LOL. haven't reached payout yet

Cash Camel 
slow earner, but lots of ads to click with 4-8 second timers. Decent design, haven't reached payout yet

Clix Sense 
Oldie but a goodie. approximately 20 ads per day for upgraded members, ranging from 1/10 cent to 2 cents per click. Pay via check , Alert Pay, and PayPal; $10.00 minimum payout. Toolbar that tells you when you have ads to click (didn't work well with Google Chrome browser for me, so I just login to Clix Sense often) Have been paid $193.70 and working on my next payout. Upgrades $14.95 per year and as soon as you upgrade you will have literally hundreds of ads to click

Black Sheep PTC
Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool

owned by Texaspepper who owns several other ptc sites and ptr sites. decent earner, good design, haven't reached payout yet, lots of ads to click (points and cash). PO has a history of paying on all her sites. $2.00 payout via Alert Pay or PayPal

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