Sunday, July 22, 2012

Who's Paid Me In June and July 2012


$11.27 (combined payout from Wallaby Mails, Downhome Folks, and Majestic Mails)
.44 (combined payout from several Patriot Group sites)

Alert Pay:

$2.39 (Showcase PTR)
$2.23 (Hot Rods PTR)
$1.71 (Donkey Mails>


$7.62 (Troll Mails)
$2.01 (Instant Cash Sweepstakes)
$15.43 (Vale PTR)
$13.61 (Clix Sense)
$7.18 (combined payout from Old Amsterdam Post, St Cash Unlimited, and Dream Mails)
$4.74 (Link Grand)
$9.81 (combined payout from Anything Goes, Guardian Mails, and Clicks Mania)
$11.05 (Kool Klickins)
$5.49 (Aligator Cash)
$3.00 (Pinecone Research)


$50.00 Global Test Market


$140.09 (as of July 24 2012)

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Sandra said...

I'm praying for you and hoping you find a good job soon :)