Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Have Got To Be Kidding (Revisited)

The violation of privacy if you choose to do surveys at Ad Paid gets even better (or worse, depending on your point of view).

The form now asks for a zip code as well as your first name, last name, and street address. This requirement for the zip code was not disclosed in the admin email from Ad Paid either (read my first post on the subject, that email is quoted pretty much in its entirety as the beginning of my post).

So its not enough for them to get your income, your age, your gender, your race, your ethnicity, your date of birth, your education, and your email address.

No they have to have your full name, your street address, and your zip code too....and this information is passed on to a unnamed third party for 'verification.'

You have to give out all of this information to an unnamed third party for a survey and  IF you qualify for the survey you will get anywhere from fifty cents to one dollar.

Ad Paid sends around 4 surveys per day, lets say the average incentive is 80 cents per survey.

If you qualify for ALL of them (highly unlikely) you will make $3.60 per day.

Lets say you get really lucky and can qualify for all the surveys every single day of the year (again highly unlikely). That would be  $1314.00 per year or $109.50 per month.

In addition, if  a USA resident earned this much money from Ad Paid or any other GPT, technically they would be required to report that as taxable income to the Internal Revenue Service.

MY privacy is worth much more than $1314.00 a year.

$1314.00 (maximum) per year may be a fortune in GPT terms, but its small potatoes compared to the emotional and financial cost of dealing with identity theft or a stalker.

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Anonymous said...

Not much privacy left.

After getting automatically signed up for a new phone service, any sign-up that requires the phone number is not happening with me.

Personally, I've tried a few surveys, but for me, even $1 is not worth 20 minutes of my time. Even the surveys on AOL paid more than that.

I guess Adpaid has a lot of fraud, thus the new additions.