Monday, May 10, 2010


Now I'll admit I'm not the most positive, cheerful, little miss mary sunshine crayon in the box.

However, I've got damn good reasons for being negative.

Personal issues:
1) I applied for 30 jobs in April, I had 6 interviews, and still have no job
2) I have applied for another 12 jobs in May, and the only interview I have on the horizon is a second interview for a job that I applied for in April.
3) I have less than $300.00 in my checking account--money I had to borrow from a friend--and that my friends is all the money I have in this world, except for maybe 50 cents in pennies in my truck.
4) I am two months behind on my space rent.
5) I am being threatened with legal action on a small ($235.60) debt.
6) My mother is delusional and verbally abusive, and I am forced to call her twice a week (or she'll call the cops on me again)
7) I have no friends in this town and am estranged from most of my extended family (their choice not mine).
8) I am behind on the taxes on my home and the insurance on my home comes due next month.  Unless that money tree miraculously appears in my yard (or I get a job) that will be another bill I cannot pay

GPT Issues
1) I have been screwed out of at least 3 months on a personal page at Emails For Ads, and the program owner hasn't responded to 4 blog posts, 2 attempts to contact her at the site, a post at Global Friends Online (GFO), a post at Been Paid, and an offline message  via Yahoo instant messenger. After deciding that Adela will never resolve this situation I redeemed all my earnings for ads; however, one of the ads was rejected with no reason given and the site admin has ignored 2 personal message at GFO asking for a reason.

2) Carla Birds at Search Mailer and Click Addicts (among others) has been spamming me for 65 days now and doesn't seem willing or able to fix the issues. Her latest line of bovine fecal material is that it must be 'a glitch in the Cash Crusader Scripts'.  Funny how that glitch affects only three sites out of literally hundreds that I've left in the last 9 years

3) Susanne Gratto at Country Folks PTR, I guess it would have just killed her to let me submit my last upgraded ad (a lousy 10 point ad) before ending my upgrade.

4) Carole Stacy at Joint Venture feels that an appropriate response to submitting an upgraded ad (that wasn't even for this blog) is to read this blog and send me a novella criticizing me for  my negativity and criticizing me for not praising her for doing her job as a program owner.  In my opinion, she has NOT done anything praiseworthy, as paying and doing ad changes are the minimum that a program owner SHOULD do. Praise is reserved for those going over and above the minimum.

5) Jane Drayton at JJ Clix not only ended my upgrade 2 days early--in the middle of the day--she lied about it and abused me verbally in several emails regarding the issue.

6) Princess Mails and Kitten Mails: no way to tell when your upgrade actually expired (and of course at Princess, no extensions were given for the month or so of 'hosting suspended' when the site was owned by Sherise Fetterman) because either the page is 404 or your information is removed in less than a week from expiration date.

7) Eston Swaby of Silvester Mails instituted a 20% personal earnings requirement for affiliate page owners. This is on a site where there have been 15 emails since 4/25/2010 (average of one email per day) and there is a total of 107 ptc (12 of which are actually my own).  It will be impossible to reach this 20% personal earnings requirement even if members clicked everything on the site every single day.

This is just another act in the farce called Silvester Mails, where in December 2009 he sold affiliate pages paying 30 cents per 1000 and in January 2010 he decided to lower the rate to 20 cents per 1000.

After a firestorm of criticism he agreed to not lower the rate until March 1 2010, but now its a moot point anyway since affiliate page owners won't be able to cash out.  I find it ironic that someone who started his own site because he was tired of being screwed by other sites is now turning around and screwing his own members.

8) Terry Rouse at Brat Mails took down the advertising page, the redemption page, and the payout request page on March 10 2010, stating that the pages would be back up on April 1 2010.  It is now May 10, 2010 and none of the pages are back up.

I am currently owed over $15.00 (a small fortune in GPT land) that I will probably never see.

The only bright spot is that she doesn't have the affiliate pages on site so now that I have pulled all my ads for the page I can't earn even more money that I probably won't get paid.  Of course, I have to click to stay active on the off chance that I'll actually get paid sometime in this millenium but she isn't sending hardly any email and most of the ptc are contest ptc with 0 values.

Even if all the personal issues get resolved I will probably never be the most optimistic little miss mary sunshine crayon in the box, but being screwed over and over and over again for 9 years (and counting) would make even Pollyanna say enough is enough.

I do not suffer fools gladly (online or offline). I never have and I doubt that I ever will.

I do not have to tolerate being repeatedly screwed over by program owners for nine years.

I will continue to post my opinions and experiences here and at the Word Press blog no matter who gets unhappy or pissed off.

DEAL WITH IT......because I am not going away and I am not going to shut up!

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