Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Praise and Respect Need to Be EARNED!!

The original email that started this battle I did not even read in its entirety because the first few lines simply upset me to the point I knew I'd probably have a stroke if I read the remainder.

Tonight I made the mistake of reading the email in its entirety.  I obviously didn't have a stroke, but I'm still not pleased.

I won't quote the email in this post because its extremely long.  Carole always repeats herself at least 5 times, and also uses 20 words when 2 would do.

The gist of the email is that I never say anything nice.

The truth of the matter--and what really really gets Carole's goat--is that I rarely if ever say anything nice about HER.

That is what sticks in Carole's craw.

She is angry and hurt that  I repeatedly praise Connie Harrison, Heather Conzett, Renee Vorbach, Thom Pearson, Suzanne Nee, Beth Dunn, and Susan Curry both here and at Global Friends Online but never say a nice word about HER.

Well if she read the posts about the other program owners, she would see that I did not praise them for simply paying me or setting up my ads or doing requested ad changes.

I praised them for:
1) researching issues with my account (Connie, Renee)
2) asking why I'd hit two bot catcher links instead of just deleting my account (Connie again)
3) helping me with another site I admin at (Heather)
4) giving me a free upgrade when I'd already had a paid upgrade for a year (Heather again)
5) telling me nicely what the problem was with my site (Thom Pearson)
6) helping me with Thunderbird issues (Susan)
7) giving me my desired click contest prize (10,000 manual surfer credits) when the prize I'd actually won was 5000 ptp rotator views (Susan again)
8) extending my upgrade a few extra months to make up for inconvenience caused by site downtime (Beth)
9) answering my questions and processing my ads at 8:00 pm on a Tuesday night when most programs owners would have left them until the next day (Suzanne).

All Carole has ever done for me (in between her bouts of rage and extreme verbal abuse) over the last 10 months is pay me, run my ads, and do requested ad changes.

She deleted my first Joint Venture account in another fit of rage nearly 12 months ago. Do we start to see a pattern here?

As I've said numerous times I do NOT praise when all the program owner does is the minimum. Praise for just doing their job is nothing but cheap ass kissing up and I don't kiss up to ANY program owner

Instead of ever going over and above like the program owners listed above, Carole has instead chosen to do the bare minimum that any minimally adequate program owner would do.

And to expect praise from someone you have publicly and repeatedly abused for years -- and to expect that praise for doing no more than the bare minimum -- is a bit much.

Maybe if Carole hadn't called me every name in the book over the last 9 years I might have been more inclined to praise her, but I doubt it since again I don't feel she's ever done anything praiseworthy.

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