Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unprofessional, Vindictive, Nasty Piece of Work

Quoted from the last (and it had better be the very LAST) email I received from Ms Legend in Her Own Mind, Carole Stacy:
When your own family chooses to avoid you, it should tell you something.

Guess you don't treat any of them any better than you do me...LOL

Like i said, I've had enough after 10 years or so.

You take offense to anything and everything.

Guess you're not happy unless you're miserable.

I've got better things to do and a family and tons of friends that love me to death.

I think you need to take a good look in the mirror .

But you'll never see yourself for what you are.

As i said, convert ptp credits before june 1st, and we're done after that.

A professional program owner doesn't make nasty personal comments about a person's family (particularly when she wouldn't know any of the information except for reading here at this very blog that she hates so much).

If I hated the contents of a blog so much that I deleted a person from my site for said contents, I sure wouldn't come back over and over and over again.

A professional program owner doesn't send nasty emails to her members, no matter how angry they make her.

A professional program owner doesn't vindictively and with malice aforethought attempt to get someone's ptp privileges at another site suspended simply because they are angry at the person.

If Carole Stacy really had better things to do she wouldn't be reading this blog (repeatedly, not just once) and sending nasty emails to me, now would she?

Carole Stacy is afraid to look in the mirror as she knows what she will see:  a vindictive malicious woman with very few skills other than abusing and demeaning other people.

She will also see a vindictive and malicious woman who has tried to run 7 PTR sites and failed miserably with all of them.

And here's a newsflash for you Carole.....any further abuse from you will be reported to Go-Mama AND your ISP.

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