Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Must Have a Sign on My Forehead Saying.........

Oh please do screw me again????

As of April 18, 2010:  Honey Mail: There are 32 requests in front of you. Your request for 5.04 USD Masspay PayPal-Business/Premier Account is 71 day(s) old.  

So sometime between April 18 and a few days ago when the site got suspended for exceeding bandwidth, I redeemed for an upgrade ($4.50 for a 6 month Worker Bee membership)

The site was down until this morning; once it finally came back up I logged into to check on my account.  I am not upgraded. 

Since this person obviously is having problems paying, the least she could do is honor redemptions in a timely manner.   

I had to open an Alert Pay complaint to get my first (paid for) upgrade processed 6 months ago, so this not paying attention to details is not a new thing for this program owner

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