Monday, May 24, 2010

So When Will Summer Weather Start?

It's been in the 40's here the last few days, while one of my friends in Canada is whining about 86 degrees. 

He had to set up a fan in his computer room while I am wearing sweat pants and a long sleeved t-shirt (plus socks, I usually go barefoot in the house) just to stay warm.

Another friend in Illinois is saying its 91 degrees and humid where he lives. 

I alternate between telling them that I hate them (LOL) and telling them to ship some of that warm weather on over to central Oregon where its unseasonably cold.

In July and August though it will be 100+ degrees here with little to no humidity.  They don't call this region "The High Desert" for nothing.

I sure hope I have a job by then so I can afford to turn on the air conditioning. I do have a ceiling fan and several large portable fans so if worst comes to worst I won't melt.

I would just open the windows except that the cats have pushed out the screens over the last 2 summers, and we aren't allowed to have animals running loose in the park. 

The cats also have their evil eyes on the screen doors (front door, back door) and the sliding screen door (side porch) and I keep telling them, you break the screen doors you die (just kidding)

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