Friday, October 29, 2010

The Revenge of the Clutter

As you can maybe tell from reading other posts, I am in the midst of a cleaning frenzy, or as a friend referred to it "cleaning rage."

Not only am I a klutz, I have an unerring knack for finding, kicking, running into, or otherwise connecting to things like Rubbermaid totes, boxes, tables, objects with my feet, ankles and toes. 

Mostly these objects are sharp, awkward, or large (if not all three). They bite back when I accidentally bump into them or kick them.  I get the worst of these battles as of course inanimate objects don't bleed or bruise.

Case in point: my next-to-the-little-toe on my left foot.

Yesterday I originally bumped it against my rainstick which was lying on the floor of my walk-in closet in the master bedroom.  It hurt like blazes but I didn't realize until later that it had bled very profusely.  As I am on blood thinners this is a concern.

So today I am still cleaning and moving totes to the back porch. I accidentally kicked one of the totes, same foot, same toe, same injury.  That was about 20 minutes ago and even with soaking in (very) cold water I am having one hell of a time getting this toe to stop bleeding.

The co-ag nurse is out sick today and when I called trying to reach the triage nurse I got disconnected.  Are we having fun yet?

A friend suggested using ice cubes.  There isn't even one in the house because little ms. efficiency ran all the ice cube trays through the dishwasher.  That was when my friend said that my cleaning 'rage' was turning against me.  The clutter is fighting back!!

I knew there was a reason to not clean and now I've found it.  I plan on spending the rest of the afternoon parked in front of the computer.  I'd go to bed already except for the fact I am expecting people to come pick up stuff that I am freecycling.

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