Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cleaning Continues :)

I am still cleaning and organizing.  Almost all of the dishes are washed and put away; I have two loads of laundry left to do.  There is still a lot of stuff to move out of the bedroom I hope to rent out but since it is all either in boxes or Rubbermaid totes it will go pretty quickly.

I moved the gun case (not being used for guns) into the master bedroom. To make room for the gun case I stacked a bookshelf on top of another bookshelf; I anchored the 2nd bookshelf to the wall with a few nails just to be on the safe side. 

I am hoping the china hutch will fit where the gun case was so that the so-called dining room can be turned into a computer/sewing/hobby room (the computer is currently in the same bedroom that I hope to rent out and it wouldn't be fair to my potential roommate if I spent hours in 'her' room on the computer).

The medicine cabinet in the 2nd bathroom has been emptied out; my next goal in there is to empty out the cupboard under the sink.

Much as I would like to have a renter quickly there is still a LOT of work to do in this house. Carpets need vacuumed in both bedrooms, the master bathroom, the dining room and the living room.  Linoleum floors in the 2nd bathroom, kitchen, office, and utility room need swept and mopped.  Most of the side tables, end tables, etc need dusted. I need to find a new home for the litter boxes that have been in the dining room (mind you I never ate in the dining room nor even sat at the table in there, so the litter boxes didn't bother me--but a renter/roommate might feel differently)

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