Friday, October 29, 2010

Adventures in House Cleaning

Still cleaning like there was no tomorrow. I have found lots of things to sell, to keep, and to Freecycle.

I've found lots of things to throw away too.  Last week I had 12 bags of garbage at the curb for pickup, this week I had 14 bags of garbage, and I already have 5 bags ready for next week's pickup.  As I have 4 more days until next weeks pickup it may be another 14 bag day.

I found 2 Brownie box cameras from the early 1920s and am trying to convince the owner of Panda Bear Emails and White Tiger Emails that he desperately needs these cameras.  It is his own fault, he bought another collectible camera from me already.

I am freecyling (or have already freecycled) a 40 piece tap and die set, stuffed animals, wooden fruit boxes, Avon collectible perfume and aftershave bottles, crochet thread, felt, yarn, a water cooler, coaster frames, partially opened box of razor blades, cuckoo clock, tissue box cover, flowerpots, food mill, a set of 14 candle holders, black graduation gown, and embroidery floss. (this list subject to change lol)

Yesterday and the day before I decided to get all the Rubbermaid totes and their ilk moved out to the carport or onto the back porch.  I didn't get them all moved, there are still about 15 in here but they will slowly go outside today and tomorrow. Still wondering what to do with six 2-drawer file cabinets.

Over the last week or so I have run the dishwasher about 10 times and the washer/dryer nearly as much. Cleaning house is such hard work, but I've decided that blowtorching the place just isn't an option!

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