Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cooking and Cats and Cleaning

Apparently my actually cooking something doesn't cause the world to end.  Last week I cooked 2 salmon fillets and a chicken breast fillet; tonight I cooked  tilapia fillets (YUMMMMMM!!).

I am having to protect my food from the big orange cat who has discovered the joys of stealing food off my plate when I am not paying attention.

So far he's only gotten a scrap of turkey breast; however, the tilapia is much too delicious to even share with a significant other much less a thieving cat!!

Last night I managed to move the gun cabinet into the master bedroom which amused the felines no end.

Of course I emptied out the gun cabinet first and removed the glass shelves--it wasn't being used for guns (I sold all the guns a year ago) but there was a lot of breakable religious statuary which I might be able to sell.

I had to manhandle the thing down two wide but shallow steps (I have a sunken living room) and then push/pull/rock  it inch by inch into the bedroom.

Of course the designated space was too small so I had to empty a bookshelf and then stack it on top of another bookshelf (anchored the top bookshelf to the wall with a few well placed nails).

But finally after approximately 1/2 hour the silly gun cabinet was installed, the books were returned to the bookshelf, and the cats had had their fill of laughing at me (as usual) so they curled up on my bed (which they hog all the time) and snored their little kitty heads off.

Only one more load of laundry to do and the only dishes left to do are a large snack tray *looks like milk glass but isn't* and silverware (the dishwasher does a heck of a job on everything but silverware).

I hope to move the china hutch from the dining room to the spot the gun cabinet formerly occupied but must measure hutch and spot first.

One of the major benefits of all of this work is that there is much less left for me to trip over or run into. 

This also means the quality of language inside the house has improved immeasurably, as usually I swear loudly when I run into things or trip over them.

Also, with being on the blood thinners I always worry about bleeding when I run into stuff or trip over it, so removing the offending whatever has been a blessing in a lot of ways.

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