Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Must Have Gotten An Energy Transplant

Since last Thursday I have been the energizer bunny! (on steroids ROFLMAO!!)

My co-ag appointment on Thursday was canceled because the nurse called in sick. 

So I went to Neighbor Impact, Willing to Help, and Central Oregon Electric.

Then I was freecycling a large upright freezer  so I had to wrestle that from the corner of the back porch to the back porch steps, after removing all the stuff that was in the way (my father had an addiction to heavy-duty plastic totes which he passed on to me)

I am considering getting a roommate and the house is currently a disaster area.

The last time I did a major cleaning was August.............2009 (not a joke, my aunt came to visit the end of August 2009 and I cleaned house for a month before she got here, I even went so far as to rent a carpet shampooer and shampoo all the carpets.)

You could write a full length novel in the dust on all wooden surfaces, and lets not even talk about the kitchen (other than to say blowtorching it would be a great improvement!!)

On the 17th of October (Sunday) there was a 2 hour power outage here in the mobile home park. With no power I couldn't do laundry, click, watch TV or cook.  I was forced by sheer boredom (ROFL!!) to start cleaning house.

Since then I've continued cleaning as well as doing laundry. I'm down to one load of laundry left to do, wish the cleaning was that far along!

So far there are at least 10 bags of garbage out at the curb for pickup tomorrow morning.  There will probably be at least 3 more before 8 am tomorrow.

If I never post again, it will be because the park manager decided to either shoot me or beat me to death with my own garbage ROFL.

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