Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ebay Was Mostly a Bust

2 small sales ($21.00 and $2.76), one big sale that hasn't been paid for yet ($150.00 plus postage) and one small sale on an auction that hasn't closed yet.  One person interested in something but missed the bidding.

The remaining stuff will go on craigs list, particularly in light of the fact that Ebay and PayPal sock it to ya with the fees: listing fees and final value fees from Ebay, and PayPal gets a cut of what you get paid.

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Martha said...

I had a similar experience with eBay. I still keep my sales license tax up to date in case I decide to sell something. I broke even on my Locus Magazines, made a profit on trading cards and role playing games, and went in the hole with everything else. Including Star Wars Memorabilia. My accountant kept blowing off my losses, but the year I made a profit, I had to report it.