Sunday, July 11, 2010

Triond Blues

 So I submitted two ads for the Triond article about glassware at two of the PTR sites I belong to

Having seen Lucas Die's work being heavily promoted at both Realm of Karma and My PTR, the assumption on my part was that PTR traffic was acceptable and that I would actually get some views of the work. HA HA!!

Lucas's ads at Realm of Karma are email ads with no timer.

Lucas's ads at My PTR are PTC with a 1 second timer.

I mentioned at Anything Goes in comments when submitting the ad that it was a framebreaker, my assumption was that Tony would set it up with no timer.

My article has received a total of 3 views, all from this very blog.

What I find most frustrating is that there were 37 clicks on the PTC that was submitted at ShowCase PTR and 46 clicks on the PTC that was submitted at Anything Goes, but not one view out of 83 clicks registered at Triond.

The fact that the article is a framebreaker should have nothing to do with views registering at Triond.

And if repeat views are the issue then why are Lucas's articles clickable at Realm of Karma and My PTR every 24 hours?

And obviously Realm of Karma and My PTR are doing something different with the ads submitted by Lucas Die, since he wouldn't return for more advertising if he wasn't getting views (and earnings) from the ads.

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