Thursday, July 22, 2010

Honey Mail......What Was The Point?

The program owner that reactivated this site not quite a month ago really shouldn't have bothered.

1) she makes the site ads only but refuses to run upgrade ads or reopen the redemption page.

2) she refuses to approve ptp rotator urls

3) she pats herself on the back so hard its a wonder she didn't break an arm for setting the ptp to pay $2.00 per 1000 when it still pays .50 (50 cents) per thousand and doesn't answer emails regarding this issue (or any other issue for that matter)

4) Less than a month after reactivating the site it is suspended.

Again, what was the point?

An ads only site that runs only ads that were already in the system while refusing to run current upgrade ads or approve rotator view urls or reopen the redemption page is totally POINTLESS.

Reactivating a site that gets suspended (probably for non-payment of hosting) less than a month later is beyond pointless and approaches extremely intelligence-challenged behavior.

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