Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alert Pay: Starting Down The Slippery E-gold Slope?

Alert Pay appears to have changed my account type without my knowledge, without my permission, and without informing me. 

Is this a sign of things to come? 

Are they starting on the slippery e-gold slope?

I have not exceeded the receiving limit for my original type of account ($400.00 per month or $2000.00 per year) as my total payments received from January 2010 to July 20, 2010 are $552.73 (average of less than $ 80.00 per month, the highest month was January with $127.90 with the lowest month being June with $36.46)

Already Canadian banks refuse to do business with Alert Pay (which is headquartered in Canada).

Sneaking around and changing account types solely to benefit themselves (the new account type charges fees while the old one didn't) is a good (or bad) first step towards USA banks following the lead of their Canadian counterparts.

Personally, I am changing everything to PayPal.  If I have to pay fees anyway, PayPal is preferable for many reasons. 

1) Most program owners have a much easier time funding their PayPal accounts (especially those living in Canada, as they aren't even allowed to upload funds to their Alert Pay accounts) which means members generally get paid faster. 

2) Alert Pay charges me 50 cents to transfer my funds to my bank account, whereas with PayPal it is free.

3) PayPal at least has the common courtesy to notify you when they change your account for whatever reason

Its not the fees that bother me as much as the sneakiness.

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Claudi said...

"Already Canadian banks refuse to do business with Alert Pay (which is headquartered in Canada)."

Add German banks to that list. €20 to upload to AlertPay - I don't think so!