Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Bushwa Gets Deeper By The Day

Mary Johnson


Thanks for getting back to me. My name is Mary 25years old from United Kingdom,and i am looking for a roommate or someone to share an apartment with for the whole year.. Well, I'm an easy going person with special interest in swimming. I don't drink nor smoke,no pets,I'm a very busy Women.Also i need to secure this room for myself before i arrive to the state as I'll be moving in with my luggage. You seem to be a very interesting person to be with and I must confess to you that you will enjoy staying with me in the house because i make people smile always.

I am a chemist by profession and i am currently working with St Thomas' Hospital, Lambeth Palace Road, London SE1 7EH Guy's Hospital, St Thomas Street, London SE1 9RT. I am married with a kid, although they will not be coming with me to the state,i will travel to London to visit them once in a while.

I will be coming to the state towards 2nd week of September for the next 6 to 7month and during my stay i will be working with the United State Environmental Protection Agency on a private research work. It will be a great pleasure seeing you soon,you can call me on our land line which is +447035907855.I will attach a picture of me in my next email , I think you should let me know a lil about you too,

Mary Johnson
Thomas' Hospital
Lambeth Palace Road,
London SE1 7EH Guy's Hospital.

FORTY AND OVER lol. It's not an apartment, its two rooms. She is a WOMEN, I guess that means she has multiple personalities? United STATES not STATE. And funny isn't it that the EPA doesn't have an office in Bend, OR. The regional office is in Seattle, WA which is a good 600 miles from Bend, OR. There is a EPA laboratory in Corvallis, OR which is still 200 miles away. Guess she'll be having one hell of a daily commute to her 'private research work."

The phone number is linked to a huge amount of scams found here:

If she was actually working at Thomas' Hospital, Lambeth Palace Road,London SE1 7EH Guy's Hospital, don't you think she'd send an email from a hospital email address not gmail?

I didn't even bother replying to this one. LOL.

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