Saturday, June 9, 2012


This may come as a shock to the person that thought spamming Neobux on my blog was you even read what you are posting on? A complaint about PIF's popup that abuses visitors to their page and Neobux, how to they relate to one another? I bet you can't answer that question mostly because they don't relate at all.

The Neobux spammer stated this: Our 'job' is to see ads every day. IMO, this person should really learn how to define job. PTC/PTR and all the rest other than a few big name MLM is a HOBBY. I might add, it's a hobby that pays pretty poorly for most people.

If clicking links were such a lucrative JOB, I shouldn't have had to sell most of my belongings over the last 3 years to pay my bills. If clicking links were such a lucrative JOB, my mother shouldn't have had to pay most of my space rent for nearly a year. If clicking links were such a lucrative JOB, why did I have to rent out a bedroom and bathroom in my house to pay my bills for the last ten months?

If you actually think PTR/PTC/Surveys/PTSU etc are a real job, here's a idea for you to try out, when it comes time to fill out your next loan application or job application, put down that you click links for fractions of pennies (or even for up to 15 cents per click at the really scammy sites) as your job. Be sure to give them the names of the program owners as your 'employers.' I can guarantee that you will hear the laughter of the human resources department or the bank manager for literally miles after you leave. I think the terms 'screaming with laughter' or 'laughing until they cried' would be appropriate here. And you won't get a loan based on that income or a job based on that 'experience'.

No, a job is something that pays REAL money like 8-9-10-12-15-20 dollars per hour. PER HOUR.

A job is where you get paid for your own effort, not people 5 levels or more below you. A job is where you might get health benefits, vacation time, etc.

I make more writing 500 word articles for $2.00 each than I do at PTC/PTR/surveys/PTSU sites. The best year I've ever had with PTR and the like, I made a whopping $3000.00 and some of that was ad redemptions and physical items not cash. Even if it was cash that's $250.00 a month.......I pay out a minimum of $645.00 per month every month. Do the math.


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