Saturday, June 9, 2012

Another Craigs List Job Scam

Customer Service Representative.
Time: 40 hour/week
Pay: Unknown

WHO: We are looking for a person who is friendly and patient with great attention to detail. This person will have either a technical background or looking to develop one. Being self motivated is a prerequisite. Computer skills are required and the ability to wear many hats is necessary in our environment.

WHAT: Pleasantly answer all incoming phone calls within 3 rings. Be able to accurately process all orders and answer questions about shipments. In time, the ideal employee will be able to answer basic technical questions, write some basic quotations as well as reach out to our customers to help cultivate sales.

TICKET: Applicant should be comfortable learning and using a wide variety of computer software applications, including MS Word, MS Excel, UPS WorldShip, Sage/Peachtree Accounting, Adobe Creative suite PhotoShop and Illustrator, Cooler Email experience and CAD experience a bonus. Answering phones and greeting customers is an absolute must. This person will be on the phone and doing computer work the majority of the day but also integrating with interacting with the RMA, Engineering, RMA and Sales departments. Sales experience is not a must but beneficial. You will be developing relationships with our distributors and their customers. Being self starting and doing what is necessary to get the job done is a major priority.

Sounds great doesn't it? But it's another Craigs List scam. I received the email below three minutes after I sent my resume which is a bit fast for such a 'busy' company don't you think?

1:37 PM (31 minutes ago)
we are looking to start someone this next week click here fill out the application then call or text me 5034103720 when it is done thanks

the link went to theres no application there.

The phone number area code is for WESTERN Oregon, but the job is supposedly located in EASTERN Oregon (Bend, Oregon to be exact)

When I googled the phone number it comes up with a whole bunch of ads for free kittens on Craigs List. Funny how an ad supposedly from Williamsport and another ad from Annapolis have the same exact wording and phone number isn't it now? And a mobile listing for 3 week old kittens. Hmmmm, nobody but a scammer spammer idiot would even try to give away kittens that haven't even been weaned yet

Same phone number comes up with Auburn Alabama and Sioux City IA Craigs List listing for pitbulls. Also lots of listings for other animals throughout the USA. This smells really bad.

Reverse phone number brings up a cell phone in St Helens, OR (still in Western Oregon, not EASTERN Oregon). Theres a difference of 200-250 miles between Bend, Oregon and St Helens, OR. Why would a job that is supposedly in Bend be using a cell phone from St Helens, OR.

Then there's the email address. is a free email address. Any business that can pay 12.00 an hour (which is fairly high for this neck of the woods, minimum wage is currently $8.80 per hour here, and I was hard pressed to get $10.00 per hour when I moved back here in 2005--and the economy has tanked since then in case you hadn't already noticed) can certainly afford to have their own website and domain name.

In this country NOBODY uses TICKET in a job posting.


Jeannette said...

just got the same quick response northern virginia! i hate these scams!

Anonymous said...

Southern Alabama and same response!!!

julsriso said...

I have to just received this response, I knew it was fake when they directed me to an "online application" that wanted personal information. I reported the post as Spam , Its very disappointing that the people actually looking for jobs cannot find them because of all the scams going on. I think something needs to be done. I have received one real interview from the 50+ post I have answered.