Thursday, January 5, 2012

Say What?

On December 2003 I sent this message to nearly all the PTR (Paid to Read) sites that I belong to

Message: Do You Allow Rotators to be Advertised?

such as:

i have 11 rotators at TPM, and I have made banners for each different one that clearly state the links are rotated.


95% of the sites answered me within 2-3 days, and most said yes. As I recall, I got turned down only by two sites.

Today I get this response from one of the 5% who took a month or more to reply(or never replied at all):

"Hi Suellen!

I don't think that any PTR admin will allow you to advertise affiliate pages in a rotator, and I only see affiliate pages in the link you gave me, you have to ask for permission from the admin of the PTR site that you are rotating his affiliate page.

As for rotators in general, we only allow them in no timer PTC, we will create some packages for this category."

There is a saying in this country that goes like this: "don't teach your grandmother to suck eggs"

This saying means: "Don't offer advice to someone who has more experience than oneself."

1) I have been involved in PTR since the summer of 2001 (10 1/2 years). I owned several PTR sites myself from 2003 through 2009. I have been an admin at two PTR sites owned by other people for the last 2 years, and I was also an admin at 2 closed sites and 1 sold site. I know the rules and regulations for running just about anything just about everywhere and if I don't know I check it out before advertising it!

2) When I was putting my affiliate pages into the affiliate page rotator--and my other links into the other 11 rotators--I checked every last one of the sites terms and advertising guidelines for their affiliate pages and other links BEFORE adding them to the rotator in question.

Most affiliate pages are allowed to be promoted anywhere. There are some notable exceptions (Deep C Links and Lady of the Links are the two that come to mind right now, and a lot of the sites do not want their affiliate pages advertised in PTC [paid to click] sites because of the high percentage of bad traffic--anonymous proxies, bots, etc) but ALL of the affiliate pages in MY rotator say something along these lines : Affiliate Pages can be advertised anywhere. It is not allowed to advertise your affiliate page at auto surfs!

3) I have seen PTP (paid to promote) links from this site and its sister site in rotators. PTP links are really truly honest to god not allowed to be run in any kind of rotators (URL rotators or ptp rotators either one), but both the ptp links from these two sites credit hits from URL rotators. Don't lecture me about not running my affiliate pages in a rotator when you are allowing and crediting hits from URL rotators to your ptp pages!

4) I do NOT have an affiliate page at this site. I was NOT asking this owner to allow me to run my non-existent affiliate page from his site in my affiliate page rotator; I was asking if he allowed rotators in general to be advertised. I have 12 different rotators with banners made for each. I wanted to know if I could advertise those rotators at this site. Perhaps a class in remedial reading and comprehension would be helpful!

5) And now for the totally hilarious part: the site that I contacted has this to say about advertising THEIR affiliate pages You can promote your page anywhere(Except Auto Surfs) I don't see one blooming word about rotators, do you?

The other site (the sister site) says this about advertising THEIR affiliate pages: Affiliate Pages CANNOT be put in auto surf or PTC style sites, as a rule, ....BUT.... There are certain exceptions (like please limit it to only 10 and not 100 ptc sites) but please check with admin first.

Perhaps before lecturing me about what I can and can't do with my affiliate pages (and who I should contact to ask for permission) this owner should look to their own house. As those guidelines currently stand, I could advertise their affiliate pages--which at this point I am so not tempted to buy!--in a rotator because a rotator is NOT an auto surf or PTC style site!

For those of you that care here are the links to the various rotators (no point in linking to the banners ROFL) Referral links for TE's Referral links for PTR sites Affiliate pages Referral links for PTC sites Referral links for Survey Sites Special PTP links PTSU (paid to signup) Sites Referral Links for Ad Resources Search Links Links to My Writing Whatever Sites Charity Sites

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