Thursday, October 3, 2019

Another year, another update: Job Changes

Since my last post in 2018, I've changed jobs (from Market of Choice to Consumer Cellular to UNEMPLOYED)

I started working at Market of Choice on July 2, 2017. My original position there was as a kitchen clerk, then I switched to being a dishwasher, and my final position was as an apprentice clerk.

On August 26th 2019 I started training for a position with Consumer Cellular while still working at Market of Choice. My last day at Market of Choice was September 2, 2019.

I worked two weeks straight between the two jobs, and the apprentice clerk job involved anywhere from 19000 to 24000 steps per day. I was flat out exhausted and actually am still recovering from that experience.

Consumer Cellular turned out to not be a good fit for me, and I quit in lieu of being fired (my last day there was September 19, 2019).

While I wouldn't recommend quitting a job (without notice) without having another job lined up, I feel like I did what I had to do for my own sanity. I was sick every day either at work, before work, or after work.

I've had one interview since quitting and have several irons in the fire job-wise.

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