Sunday, September 30, 2018

Yearly Update (9/30/2018)

This is going to sound like a broken record, LOL, but I hadn't even realized until this week that I hadn't updated my blog or my home page () in over a year.

In my defense, it has been an eventful year starting out with surgery to remove an anal cyst last September and continuing craziness through as recently as August 20 of this year.

Good stuff that happened:

1) Got a $2.00 an hour raise at work earlier this year.

2) Bought a car on August 20, 2018 (candy apple red 2009 Pontiac G5 with a whole lot of bells and whistles). The car makes it easier and much more convenient to get to work every day, particularly on the two days per week that I work a morning shift.

3) Switched from salad bar to dish pit at work, this has decreased pain and stiffness in my hands.

4) Had a yard sale in June and made $60.00 (put everything that didn't sell in the yard sale on the free table at the clubhouse, as yard sales are way too much work for 'only' $60.00).

5) While getting ready for the yard sale, found a murder mystery that I was writing 20 years ago (going to complete it and get it published.

6) Using Amazon gift certificates that I earned (mostly from surveys) I've purchased a Kindle Fire HD and a Fitbit over the last year).

6) Have been able to pay most bills myself and haven't needed food boxes (by most bills, I mean I have a lot of unpaid medical bills because my insurance doesn't cover a lot of stuff or only covers half of what is charged--or less).

7) I can afford internet access at home which makes life a little easier in terms of keeping in touch with family and friends as well as applying for jobs.

8) I brought my A1C from 8.7 to 6.8 and am continuing to deal with my diabetes fairly well.

9) I finally gave up and bought a new swimsuit so that I can start working out at Juniper Swim and Fitness

Bad stuff that happened:

1) Had my yearly bout of bronchitis in February and missed nearly a month of work (had no insurance at all for March because where I work you have to work a certain number of hours per month to keep your insurance).

2) The same day I bought my car I slipped on my kitchen floor because it was wet and did the splits. My left leg went one way, my right leg went the other way, and my right foot slid under the dishwasher. We are still not sure what ripped open my big toe on my right foot, but it sure did a bang up job of it. The gash was about 2 inches long and 1/8 inch deep, hurt like blue blazes, and bled like a stuck pig. I spent 4 hours in the emergency room at St Charles getting the wound cleaned. Also had to get a tetanus shot as well as two stitches and I missed close to 4 days of work because the toe just hurt so bad all the time.

3) Locked myself out of my car and the locksmith cost $108.00. I've never had a car before that locks itself again after you shut the door (and the keys were on the front seat). I learned to keep the keys with me, and to keep the doors open and/or unlocked.

4) The trigger finger that developed in my right ring finger has gotten to the point that I will probably be having surgery in October or November 2018. The steroid shots simply don't work on a long term basis.

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