Sunday, May 6, 2012

Where I'm waiting for Payouts (May 2012)

Kool Klickins:
There are 7 requests in front of you. Your request for 5.43 is 52 day(s) old.
as of May 16 2012 (62 days--over 2 months waiting) my request was cancelled because I hadn't checked 'verified paypal' in my user information

Scoobys Clicks (domain expired) $4.13 (since October 2011)

Lady of the Links:
There are 7 requests in front of you. Your request for 13.00 is 728 day(s) old.


Anonymous said...

I don't think Lady of the Links will ever pay. I have even requested redemption for ads. Money taken but no ads ever run. Now I find that if I click on a PTR link I have already visited. Not so as I often leave this sites links for up to 3 days before clicking again. Also never a response from the admin. Makes me wonder sometimes.

Suellen Roley said...

I redeemed for an email ad, took a while to get it set up properly. Then I redeemed for PTC. Not sure they were ever run, never received any 'your ads have been processed' notices AND by the time I thought to check my ad stats they were long gone (if they'd ever been there in the first place). Also, no responses to support tickets for a long time now.

I also find if I click the email ads I get you have already visited. NOT......I click emails about once a month there, and PTC maybe once a week.

If I redeem for ads again will make sure to check my ad stats often to see if they were actually processed.

PTR is getting on my nerves. LOL