Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stephen Hauser Revisited --AGAIN.
I find Stephen Hauser's latest spam to be despicable; using Jerry's Kids to spam someone not just once but four times (in one day)  is totally appalling behavior even from this creep.

I received the exact same email twice at my Yahoo address and twice at my Gmail address.

Stephen or Mark or whatever he's calling himself these days should have NO access to either email address.

And I think its beyond tacky to expect someone who he's stalked, spammed, and harassed for 4 months now to donate to MDA to free him.

I'd sooner have him thrown in jail --for real-- with the key thrown away, even if I could afford to  make a donation. 
"I'm excited to tell you that I have chosen to serve as an MDA Jailbird and am being Locked-Up...that's right, I'm going behind bars to help Jerry's Kids. In order to be released on good behavior, I need your help to raise my “bail.”

My bail has been set at $3,000.00 and if everyone I know makes a tax-deductible donation, I’ll reach my goal quickly!

Just click here to make a secure, online donation before 08/18/10. This is a fun event benefiting individuals and families served by MDA who are affected by neuromuscular disease. I am honored to partner with MDA, and help this important cause. 

Don't hesitate to call or e-mail me with any questions. 

Thanks in advance for your help. Together we'll make a difference! 


P.S. I'm counting on you, click here to donate. 
Funny how STEPHEN changed his name to MARK isn't it? Does he really think that it escaped my attention that he has more aliases than your average bank robber?

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