Thursday, September 8, 2011

Quick Review of Totally Tweetable

Well I broke down, jumped on the bandwagon, and joined Totally Tweetable a few days ago.

I must say that I am disappointed, I expected much more from the team behind this concept (Walt Bayliss and Mark Evans of Instant Blog Subscribers)

1) At least half the time the links in the credit emails don't load.

2) Another problem is that the ones that do load are often loading incredibly slowly (I am on cable internet so it is NOT my connection that is the problem).

3) And 30 second timers are great if they are actually 30 second timers, not 90 seconds (a minute and a half) due to (again) the slow loading problem

The slow loading problem happens at all times, and what I really do not understand is that there isn't the same problem with Instant Blog Subscribers which is owned by the same people (perhaps the programs aren't on the same servers??).

I also have concerns about alienating my followers on Twitter who aren't into network marketing. A reality check here is that some of us have friends and family as followers, or people we met online through venues outside of network marking.

I basically agree with this review for that very reason.

The remainder of the reviews I read (probably about 10-15 reviews) were totally positive --one could even say glowing--but they are also from network marketing heavy hitters such as Coach Gina, Carol Walczak (author of Build Your List with East and part owner of PromoLotto Traffic Exchange),  Jane Mark of Sokule etc.  Google "Totally Tweetable" to read these reviews for yourself.

I wonder if they are actually USING the program or just letting their downlines do the work for them or if they are basing their reviews on the success of Instant Blog Subscribers.

I just can't understand all the praise, glowing reviews, hype, for a barely opened program with continual loading problems.

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